2.5" White Linen Ribbon with an Elf Lineup ( a bunch of Elves in a line) - Wired Christmas Ribbon - 5 Yards

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A bunch of Santa's Elves seem to have a lot of time on their hands; they're all just standing around smiling. Where are all the good boys & girls that these elves should be busy making toys for?

Looks like these elves will have to come visit your house here on this ribbon. It's OK, they are just as happy here as anywhere else. The 2.5" white linen ribbon they come on has red foil over the wired edges. The wired edges will help you make perfect bows that will maintain their shape.

This ribbon comes in 5 yard increments from a 10 yard roll. If you order 2 / 5 yard increments, you will receive one continuous 10 yard piece of ribbon


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