12/1/21 It doesn't look good for those of you that have been waiting for the 4" Plush Velvet in Vintage Red (the 2.5" also), Dusty Blue, Ruby or White (all with gold back). There are other items that never came in but I had many pre-orders for these items.

I have been giving you all the info that has been given to me. I apologize for not being able to get the items you all wanted in time for Christmas. I will purchase these items whenever they come in & will have them for next season. Nobody is obligated to purchase any of the pre-orders you placed that never came in.

** I am going to the home show in Dallas January 5th. They will have their Christmas 2022 items out on display & you can bet I will be placing my orders at the show. If there is something specific you want me to look for or if you have a certain look you're after, please call me at 714-206-5542 (leave a voice mail & I will call you back). I would really need to speak to you to ask you the questions I need answered in order to get a feel for what you have in mind. ** 

I still have no word on any of the following items:

4" Velvet in Dusty Blue, Vintage Red, Ruby or White (all with gold lamé back)

2.5" Velvet in Vintage Red or White with gold lamé back

any ornaments or Thanksgiving /Fall Ribbons

The 5 yd Special Nutcracker ribbon

or any other item that is listed in my Pre Order Collection.