About Us

Hi, I'm Bobbi

Thanks for visiting my website & wanting to know a little more about me & how PerpetualRibbons came to be. It's a long story but I started by making wreaths in 2012, my shop was named PerpetualTreasures & I was making a living doing something I loved to do. 

I then decided to do my 1st craft fair, it was the biggest craft show in CA & I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. 1st of all, I had to send pictures of a few wreaths in to see if judges felt my product was good enough to be granted  booth space. I was approved to do the 2015 Pomona Harvest Festival & found out that there were 15,000 attendees expected throughout the weekend. I was told to bring twice the inventory I thought I needed. I had no idea what I needed so I sat down & made 149 wreaths in about 6.5 weeks (about 3.25 wreaths every day). By the time I was done with the craft fair, I was done with wreaths. I had totally burned myself out. 

PerpetualRibbons was born because of my love & addiction to ribbon. After 4 years of making wreaths, I had quite the collection of ribbon so I closed PerpetualTreasures on Etsy & opened PerpetualRibbons, which was just going to be my little ribbon shop that fed my ribbon addiction. 

Well, it's become much more than a little ribbon shop & I am now committed to a life full of ribbon forever (I don't mind this at all). I'm making a living working with every kind of wired ribbon available & helping like minded crafters & decorators create masterpieces.

My shop has everyday wired ribbon to Plush Velvet & everything in between. I love all ribbon but the exclusive, high end, ornate designs from d.stevens & Farrisilk are my favorite ribbons to work with so I live for the holiday season. After the 2021 supply chain breakdown, I don't feel like it's ever too early to start figuring out your next seasons décor.

I now live in Colorado Springs with my sister, Daryl, & my husband, Dan. They both play a big part in the success of the shop. We offer great customer service, we are a phone call away to answer any questions you may have (yes, we will answer your calls or call you back in the event that we can't answer the phone). You can also reach us through email or the chat service on the site. 

Now that you know more about PerpetualRibbons... come take a look & see what we have to offer, I'm sure you'll find something that you can't live without,

Bobbi   714-206-5542    bobbi@perpetualribbons.com