About Us

Burned Out Wreather Who LOVES Ribbon

PerpetualRibbons Feeds My Addiction to Ribbon

Hi! I'm Bobbi and I used to make custom wreaths. After 6 years, in Nov 2015,, I was accepted by a jury to open a booth at the Pomona Harvest Festival. I knew there would be approximately 15 K attendees at this craft fair in a 3 day period & had no idea how many wreaths to bring. So I sat down and made over 150 wreaths in just under 2 months.

After all was said & done, I didn't even come close to selling 150 wreaths, but I truly enjoyed the Harvest Festival & felt it was a success. I was able to sell enough that I recouped the booth fee and all the money I spent on supplies to make all those wreaths. The sad part was that I had burned myself out, I didn't even want to touch another roll of deco mesh.

As all "Wreathers" know, RIBBON IS ADDICTING, I had so much ribbon on hand that I almost had to open PerpetualRibbons. There was another reason for opening the shop; I knew that my addiction to ribbon wouldn't die just because I stopped making the one thing I needed the ribbon for. 

PerpetualRibbons has grown faster than I ever imagined & I'm having a blast running it. Thanks to all of my regular buyers that are the glue that has made this shop a success.