I'm Running Low on Many Ribbons

Posted by Bobbi Sandstrom on

So Many Orders

I've had so many orders in the last 3 weeks that I'm running out of lots of different ribbons. When I place my orders with my suppliers back east, I have to place orders that are big enough to be put on a pallet & then trucked in. Having my orders shipped UPS is way too expensive since I'm in California.

I will be placing my restock order by tomorrow (Wed) or Thursday. It will take about a week to get my order in & unpacked.

If you can wait, please be patient, I'm doing as much as humanly possible to keep the orders going out as well as coming in.

PS My picture is a little extreme; I still have a lot to choose from

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  • Yes Danielle, I will be restocking many of my sold out items in every collection. My order should be in & unpacked by Mon May 18th

    Bobbi on
  • I went to place an order & found a few of the patriotic ribbons I wanted were sold out. Will the order that you have coming include patriotic restock ribbons?

    Danielle on

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