Sorry... I Know Sezzle isn't working! I wasted Hours Trying to Get it Fixed

Posted by Bobbi Sandstrom on

I was approved for the 3rd party payment app, Sezzle. It allows customers to pay in 4 payments. After they approved me they sent me an email that said I was good to go & they even added widgets to my listings & checkout page. Wasn't that sweet of them to do for me? Now I wouldn't have to worry about it.

However, I checked it out, I used my sisters info & went to try to place an order using Sezzle on my site & it didn't work. I wasn't set up correctly, when trying to use them to check out, instead of going to their site like it should have, it just came back to my checkout page.

I contacted Sezzle & explained the issue... they said I must have copied & pasted the API #'s wrong (how can you copy & paste wrong?)

I went ahead & re-did everything as they asked & it still didn't work. Mind you, I was trying to fill orders at the same time. I kept asking them if I should just delete the app & reinstall it... "No, No, you shouldn'thave to do that."

It became apparent that nothing was going to get fixed right away, so I deleted the app from my site so I wouldn't look like a crazy person. Well, I still look like a crazy person. 

Here we are at 6:00 pm PST & my 1st email blast went out with a payment method that sounds pretty cool, but won't work. I contacted shopify & they can't tell me how to get rid of the widgets either. I have to wait until I hear from Sezzle again.

Sorry for the misinformation on my site. Believe me, it will be fixed as soon as possible.


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