I Made It Through The Season

Posted by Bobbi Sandstrom on

I sold so much ribbon between Halloween & the 15th of December; 50 - 60 orders a day was average this season. I was quite surprised to get an order from Mrs. Claus for 12 rolls of d.stevens 4" Red Velvet; she said it was to decorate her entire small village that houses all the elves, reindeer & of course the big guy (Santa). I was glad I had been smart enough to buy a case of it or I would have lost her & worse yet, she probably wouldn't have found any anywhere.

It was a much different season than last year as I was crazy busy this year & although it was nice to see extra money coming in & all the pictures of the gorgeous trees, wreaths, lanterns etc, I'm glad it's finally slowed down a bit. A girl needs more than 3 hours of sleep every night. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach 30,000 sales on Etsy, I'm hoping to bring at least 1/2 of you over to the "right site" (this one), where you'll always save at least 10% from my Etsy prices (probably a little more. In fact, let me tell you all a little secret WHEN YOU REACH $100 ON THIS SITE, YOU AUTOMATICALLY SAVE  ANOTHER 5% ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER.

A special thanks to those of you who bought from this site, I'm doing a lot better than  thought I would (I'm reaching goals faster than I expected anyway). Of course without your trust & support, I wouldn't be looking forward to great things to come from this site. It's my dream to have more orders coming from this site than from my Etsy shop. I like saving you all some money & I hate putting money in stock holders pockets because the more they get, the more they seem to want.

It's now time to get ready for the 2020 Spring season. Hello to Hearts & Clovers, Mardi Gras Jesters & Easter Bunnies. Lots of fun stuff to be added VERY SOON.



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  • Happy New Year and hope your feeling better! May you have a prosperous New Year!

    Janet Whalen on

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