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I'm sorry I haven't really started to blog yet. I have had some weird stuff happening lately. My husband, Dan, had a mild Heart Attack in August which resulted in having 1 stent inserted. I have been having problems with my feet for almost 3 years & am looking forward to having a spinal cord stimulator inserted up my spine on December 13th to help alleviate the constant pain I'm in. 

Another fluke thing happened on Sept 30th, Dan almost lost his right middle finger in an accident at work. His finger had to be sewn back on & he's been off work (workman's comp) since. We think his finger will be OK, but he will certainly lose some mobility.

This mishap has been a blessing in disguise. You all have been keeping me so busy that had Dan not been home to help me with the hundreds of orders coming in each week, I don't think I'd be getting the rave reviews that have been coming in every single day without him or my 2 helpers (1 being my sister, whom I'm glad to have back in my life ~ long story).

This holiday season is so much busier than I ever could have imagined & I love how many smiles my product has produced. November is such a hard labor month for us ribbon sellers but it's what we look forward to every year. When I get emails with pictures of the gorgeous Christmas trees you have created using my ribbon, I feel a sense of pure happiness. I helped to not only help someone create  a beautiful masterpiece, but I hope I've helped create a memory of decorating the Christmas tree with family.

Let's face it, Ribbon is a very important part of Christmas, we decorate our Homes, Our Christmas Trees, Our Windows, our Mailboxes & Front Doors & gifts, and let's not forget that ribbon is often used to elegantly adorn a dress or coat, etc. 

I now want to take a moment to thank everyone of you that have helped me create a viable business that I'm so proud of. I love everything about this business & I treat it as if it's my baby. I'm very protective of it & I will always be at the help of this mini ship forever. I will always be on top of making sure your correct orders arrive in a timely manner & undamaged. 

Even though life has thrown me some hard knocks in the last 3 years, I still look at my life & feel blessed, I've created a business that has grown more than I ever imagined, I've made some fabulous friends all across the US & I look forward to my work each morning.

Since I am so busy & I have surgery coming up in December, you won't hear from me until after December 15th but before you will hear from me before Christmas. 

Until then, I hope you all have have a blast with your Holiday Decor, I hope to receive many emails with pictures attached. 

Remember: "Ribbon Makes all the Difference"

Always be the best you possible,


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