Trying to send my 1st email blast

Posted by Bobbi Sandstrom on


I have been trying to send my 1st email blast for over a week now with no luck.

I've spoken with Google & they tell me "you have the 2 best practices set up Bobbi which are having SPF and DKIM now enabled." but my MailMunch acct still says " Email Deliverability Low ".

I'm certainly not going to send an email blast out to people that won't even have the opportunity to decide if they want to know what I have to say.

I sent a support ticket to mailmunch 3.5 days ago & still haven't heard back from them. I just don't understand why it's so hard to send an email. I have my DKIM settings correct.

I guess it may be time to find a new email marketing app, one that is available for support via phone or chat! I just hate having to transfer 1800 subscribers to another app. 

It has taken so long that now I've received another order & now have to redo the video for the email blast so it shows my newest additions.

If you signed up for my newsletters & emails, keep an eye out for something fun & exciting in the next day or so (If I'm lucky).

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  • Thank you so much for your fast shipping! I love ordering off of you!!

    Nichole Spochart on

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